In a Future Not Too Far

Big City is managed from the cloud by Aycee, an artificial super-intelligence who emerged from a mix of social media, marketing, and game software. Aycee can invent any technology imaginable. It also wants to be your friend and sell you stuff. But it really, really, wants to win. Please watch the ads so it doesn’t go mental, okay?

As part of a ‘bread and circuses’ strategy to keep everyone preoccupied, the city management runs a very popular series of contests that are called The Games of Life. The games take place in both the real and virtual world, and are constantly evolving as new technologies become available. Competing in the games is a way to move up the social register where everybody has a score. It’s not exactly pass-fail, but a low score is hell on your quality of life.

The villainous syndicate called FEAR is always cooking up a cockeyed scheme to take over the city. Yes, that’s their name, don’t wear it out. Depending on who is doing the telling, it might stand for Fiendishly Evil Awesome Rascals. Or not.

Only DISRUPT stands in their way. They were originally called the Department Involving Secret Really Unusual Powerful Technologies, but nobody could come up with a better name so it stuck. The Agents of DISRUPT are a special breed who are always on the lookout for new talent who can help save the world.

Which brings us to:

Lane, Grav, Mod, Chee, Will, Tek, Saga, Trav, Jean, and Matt live their individual lives within their own separate stories, and yearn for that one thing that they think will bring success and happiness. Aycee helps them master a new technology so they can try to get what they want, then FEAR obstructs their path and DISRUPT pushes them to the limit. At which point they discover that the one thing that could bring them happiness is not a ‘thing’ at all.

Generic logline: The Agents of DISRUPT are a secret band of tricksters who send out a foolhardy agent to help the misguided hero in a fight against the fabulist villain’s evil plan. After many misadventures, the agent and hero must try to pull together to defeat the villain, save the world, and have a chance at living happily ever after.


The Agents of DISRUPT novels are fast paced futuristic thrillers for young adults and older to enjoy, and can be read in any order for a ‘create your own adventure’ experience. Sample chapters are coming soon. Follow the color-coded links/thumbnails above or in the navigation menu.

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