Cyborg MOD


Mod is a CoolHunter who is always on the prowl for the next Cool Thing that she can refer up the foodchain to Corporate. The fees they pay are nice, but it’s the accolades from her peers that feel so good. Fashion, performance, design – if it’s cool, she wants to find it first. The robots got faster at the hunt, and now they keep beating her to the game. Because of her need for speed, Mod considers having a neural net implanted into her brain so she can listen to the web all the time. On all the channels.

What cost to privacy is that level of connectivity? Mod finds out when the villainous syndicate called FEAR launches a plan to weave an internet of minds that would create a waking nightmare for everyone in the city. What are you thinking? They already know, and will change it to suit their needs. When your ability to choose what to think about becomes impossible, can you ever be in control of your life?

When DISRUPT sends out an agent to prevent Mod from inadvertently helping FEAR, the two become star-crossed lovers who seem destined to betray each other.

Sample chapters are coming soon!