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This is the home page for the Agents of DISRUPT series of novels.

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The Agents of DISRUPT Hopepunk Novels If you enjoy books like Ready Player One, this will soon be the place!

Ultra Mod

Connectivity and Mindfulness

Nano Tek

Nanotechnology and Authenticity

Mutant Jean

Genetics and Perfectionism

The Ongoing Series

What's in the works
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Mixed Reality - Futuristic Fiction - Storytelling Inspiration and conjecture!

Augmented - Virtual - Mixed Reality

Some links to companies that are developing the emerging technologies for AVMR.

Movies, Shows, Games, Books

Works of fiction that are in the same wheelhouse as the Agents of DISRUPT story world.
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Some insights into why my stories are the way they are.

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Cool Technologies Technologies in development today

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My own social media videos and other fun stuff!

Sometimes with my goofy takes on pop culture stories - offered with total respect to the original creators.

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Stuff from around the interwebs that caught a laugh.

Ultra Mod - Chapter One

Click/tap image to read the first chapter of Ultra Mod.

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