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  1. Tom

    Ready Player One

    Here's an effects reel from ILM that shows how they built the CGI for some of the RPO scenes:
  2. Tom

    Ready Player One

    Here's an interview with Ernest Cline where he talks about the differences between the book and the movie. I particularly like the discussion at the end where he compares the pop culture references in RPO to the mythology of the Indiana Jones movies. The audience doesn't need to understand all...
  3. Tom

    Lessons From The Screenplay

    Wow, it almost feels as if Michael has an insight into my writing process. This video came out just as I am struggling with a very similar transformation of Tek in Nano Tek. The theme is authenticity, and Tek has built a hard shell around his emotions to protect himself from more pain. This...
  4. Tom

    Books About Storytelling

    Here's a link to my 'About Storytelling' bookshelf at Goodreads: Those are some of the books that I've studied so I could learn the craft of storytelling. In future posts I'll go into more depth about...
  5. Tom

    Lessons From The Screenplay

    Here's a link to Michael Tucker's 'Lessons From the Screenplay' YouTube channel: Michael has a great way of looking at the details of storytelling. Many of those lessons apply to more than just movies.
  6. Tom

    In the works

    [image_left][/image_left]There are a total of ten novels planned. All are set in the same story world and follow a similar framework. Each novel is a complete stand-alone story with its own set of main characters. Each story comes to a satisfying ending, and the main characters do not continue...
  7. Tom

    Introduction to Mutant Jean

    [image_left][/image_left] Mutant Jean is currently in active development and will be the third novel in the Agents of DISRUPT series. Mutant Jean is a near-future science fiction novel with flying jetbikes, virtual reality and perilous games with a young team and a crazed villain who get...
  8. Tom

    Neuralink - the ultimate mixed reality via BCI

    This is Elon Musk's new company with the mission to create a brain-computer interface (BCI). Although not a direct inspiration for the MindLink in the Agents of DISRUPT novels, it does provide comfort that I'm not out of my mind!
  9. Tom

    Introduction to Nano Tek

    [image_left][/image_left] Nano Tek is currently in active development and will be the second novel in the Agents of DISRUPT series. Mixed reality can create real monstors... Would fame and fortune be enough to get you to ride an actual flying jetbike in a perilous race through a series of...
  10. Tom

    Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Google Cardboard

    These are the smartphone-based headsets that are a good entry point into virtual reality. [image_left][/image_left]This is where I am now in terms of my own tech. It works for a basic introduction to VR. [image_left][/image_left]There is also...
  11. Tom

    Introduction to Ultra Mod

    [image_left][/image_left]Scroll down for PDF of Chapter One. Ultra Mod is currently in active development and will be the first novel in the Agents of DISRUPT series. Mixed reality can be a mind trip... Would fame and fortune be enough to get you to ride an actual flying jetbike in a...
  12. Tom

    Ready Player One

    [image_left][/image_left]I enjoyed the book and the movie, even though they are two different takes of the same story. At Goodreads:
  13. Tom

    Tron and Tron Legacy

    Tron is an early movie version of a fully-realized cyberspace, made at a time (1982) when the effects had to be mostly analog rather than CGI. This is the movie that first piqued my interest in virtual reality. I watched it in the theatrical release back when there were still single-auditorium...
  14. Tom

    The Matrix

    I like the setup in The Matrix movies because they keep the timeline running in both virtual reality and in real life. I also like the ending of the original because it sets up a double-jeopardy with Neo being under attack in both worlds. The artifice of "if you die in the matrix then you die in...
  15. Tom

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I'm not a gamer, but this game catches a similar aesthetic to my story world. By its nature it is a lot more violent than my stories (that's an observation and not a criticism) so don't expect this level of grittiness in the Agents of DISRUPT stories. [image_left][/image_left]...
  16. Tom

    Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

    These are the heavy-hitters in terms of stand-alone computing power for virtual reality. [image_left][/image_left] [image_left][/image_left]
  17. Tom

    Ralph Breaks the Internet

    I am SO looking forward to this!
  18. Tom

    A comprehensive listing of all things Cyberpunk

    The listing of all things cyberpunk at the r/cyberpunk forum at Reddit is huge! The Agents of DISRUPT novels are best described as YA post-cyberpunk lite. All of the AI, cyberspace and quasi-dystopia with none of the sex, drugs or violence of...
  19. Tom

    Magic Leap

    Magic Leap is going for the Mixed Reality market - it overlays virtual objects on top of the physical world. [image_left][/image_left]
  20. Tom

    Snow Crash

    Is it cyberpunk, or a parody of cyberpunk? Either way, it's lots of fun! One of the first novels to describe a fully-realized virtual world in the Metaverse. [image_left][/image_left]

Ultra Mod - Chapter One

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