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  1. KU front page.PNG

    KU front page.PNG

    KU front page
  2. Amazon Kindle Stories Originals

    Amazon Kindle Stories Originals

    Screen capture
  3. amazon_ad_bookbub_2.PNG


    Another ad from Amazon Publishing
  4. Tom

    Cultivating a resilient spirit 2019-10-15

    This has some excerpts from the chapter on resiliency in case we get to this in the Meetup
  5. Tom

    Reading material for 10-16-19 Meetup 2019-10-15

    This is the reading material from the Oprah website
  6. amazon_ad_bookbub.PNG


    An Amazon ad running on the daily BookBub email
  7. author_unleashed_writer_sanctum.JPG


    Writer Sanctum mention in Author Unleashed
  8. tamer.JPG


  9. trex_chases_jeep.gif


    T-Rex chases a Jurassic Park jepp
  10. writers_mug_final.jpg


    Mug with creative writers file names
  11. reviews.JPG


    carousel at amazon that shows the range of review situations
  12. Tom

    Newsweek Article - Understanding Anxiety

    I'm using several of the 'Guideposts to Wholehearted Living' from Brene Brown's book The Gifts of Imperfection as a thematic basis for the main character's inner transformation. For Ultra Mod, I'm using this one -...
  13. Tom

    Metro Article - Human telepathy ‘is the natural progression for communication’
  14. gaslighting.gif


    gaslighting GIF
  15. moxyland_toc.JPG


    shows chapter headings for multiple first-person POVs
  16. Tom

    Brene Brown Meetup Outline

    Here is the proposed outline for the 9/25/19 Washington DC Faith, Skepticism, & Conversation Meetup:
  17. Tom

    Drunk History - Laugh Like an Egytptian

    I wish they'd taught history like this!
  18. Tom

    Singularity Hub - How Scientists Used Light to Incept Sensations and Memories in Mice

    Giving mice fake memories:
  19. Tom

    Storm Area 51 - They Can't Catch Us All

    Let's see them aliens!

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