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109There are at least ten novels planned. All are set in the same story world and follow a similar framework. Each novel is a complete stand-alone story with its own set of main characters. Each story comes to a satisfying ending, and the main characters do not continue on into the next stories. There are some key secondary characters who do show up in all the stories, as well as some story world elements that are common to all of them.

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These are the first four stories in active development:
1 Ultra Mod
2 Nano Tek
3 Mutant Jean
4 Robot Will

The order of these aren't set yet:
Anti Grav
Memory Lane
Multi Saga
Dark Matt
Risky Bizz
Inner Sage

The Agents of DISRUPT series are near-future science fiction novels with flying jetbikes, virtual reality and perilous games with a young team and a crazed villain who get thrown together in a thrilling adventure with a crafty AI, cool tech and lots of fun for the young adult in everyone!

The Agents of DISRUPT are a secret band of tricksters who send out a foolhardy novice to help the reckless hero in a fight against the fabulist villain.

After many misadventures, the novice and hero must try to pull together to defeat the villain, save the world, and have a chance at living happily ever after.

Ultra Mod - Chapter One

Click/tap image to read the first chapter of Ultra Mod.

Mutant Jean - Chapter One

Click/tap image to read the first chapter of Mutant Jean.