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350x560_mutantjean_finalshen_3.png Mutant Jean is currently in active development and will be the third novel in the Agents of DISRUPT series.

Mutant Jean is a near-future science fiction novel with flying jetbikes, virtual reality and perilous games with a young team and a crazed villain who get thrown together in a thrilling adventure with a crafty AI, cool tech and lots of fun for the young adult in everyone!

The Agents of DISRUPT are a secret band of tricksters who send out a foolhardy novice to help the reckless hero in a fight against the fabulist villain.

After many misadventures, the novice and hero must try to pull together to defeat the villain, save the world, and have a chance at living happily ever after.

Drinkable nanotech installs a neural lace that creates a brain-computer interface called a mindlink. It connects your mind to the internet of things. Lots of people in Big City get a mindlink so they can enjoy The Games of Life as a rider in the players' minds. All the thrills, none of the risks.

Jean and her younger brother are different. They were born with a mindlink naturally in place. That is, if you consider their mutant DNA to be natural. It's a secret they inherited from their parents, who were lost during the great virus that devastated Big City five years earlier. The villain will do anything to gain the ability to duplicate their mutation, and has evil plans for what would come next.

When Jean and her brother compete against the villain's team in The Games of Life, the fate of everyone is at risk.

What cost comes with the pursuit of perfectionism? Jean finds out.

Isn't it great that we can design our own DNA? Yes and no.
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Ultra Mod - Chapter One

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