Introduction to Robot Will


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104 Robot Will is currently in active development and will be the fourth novel in the Agents of DISRUPT series.

Mixed reality is more than a mind trip...

Would fame and fortune be enough to get you to ride an actual flying jetbike in a perilous race through a series of fantastical virtual worlds?

Even if it meant getting a mindlink installed in your head that connects your mind to the internet of things?


Get in the car.

Will is an independent RoboWrangler whose success attracts the wrath of the biggest supplier of robots in Big City.

His superior programming has become a threat to their dominance.

When Will and his younger brother decide to compete in a popular tournament called The Games of Life, they set off a chain of events that puts everyone in the city at risk if they lose.

Can Will win the game, vanquish the villain, save the world and get his shot at living happily ever after?

While on that hero’s journey, will Will learn to choose autonomy over the life he thinks he is supposed to live?

There's only one way to find out!

In the role-playing game of a lifetime, are you ready to be player one?

Ultra Mod - Chapter One

Click/tap image to read the first chapter of Ultra Mod.