Introduction to Ultra Mod


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200x320_ultramod.png Scroll down for PDF of Chapter One.

Ultra Mod is currently in active development and will be the first novel in The Agents of DISRUPT series.

The Agents of DISRUPT are a secret band of tricksters who send out a foolhardy novice to help the reckless hero in a fight against the fabulist villain. After many misadventures, the novice and hero must try to pull together to defeat the villain, save the world, and have a chance at living happily ever after.

Flying jetbikes, virtual reality, perilous games, a young team and a crazed villain. Thrilling adventures with a crafty AI, cool tech and lots of fun!

Mod is a Coolhunter with a large online following. So large, that she's attracted the wrath of the biggest network in Big City. When Mod and her younger sister get mindlinks so they can compete in The Games of Life, they set off a chain of events that puts everyone in the city at risk if they lose.

What does it mean to be the one to choose where you place your mindful attention? Mod finds some answers.

Isn't it great that we all have access to so much information on the internet? Yes and no.

The attached PDF of Chapter One can be downloaded by guests and registered users.