Nano TEK


Tek is a NanoMancer, which means that he can control clouds of nanobots with his mind. No, that’s a lie. He just makes it look like he’s doing it with his mind. He actually uses wearable computing that reacts to his body movements and then sends the signals that control the nanobots. The nanoclouds can move ‘naturally’ and take any size/shape he can program – dragons, pets, people. This comes in handy when performing stage shows, but Tek has aspirations that go far beyond parlor tricks. Well, not too far, but he has aspirations!

The villainous syndicate called FEAR, however, intends to use nanotechnology to rebuild the city, and everything in it, and all that that implies, to match their own concept of perfection.

What is authentic and what is apparition blends reality in ways that nobody can predict when Tek accidentally tries to take on forces that he can’t control. Would you want to live in a world where everything is programmable? To perfection? Even your significant other?

When DISRUPT sends out an agent to disrupt Tek’s ability to help FEAR, the two become lovers and then find that they are in conflict over where to go with this brave new technology.

Sample chapters are coming soon!