Lessons From The Screenplay


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Wow, it almost feels as if Michael has an insight into my writing process. This video came out just as I am struggling with a very similar transformation of Tek in Nano Tek. The theme is authenticity, and Tek has built a hard shell around his emotions to protect himself from more pain. This video gave me the insight that I needed to ask some questions about the character at the 'dark moment of the soul' at the end of Act 2:

What is Tek’s misbelief that is changed here?

That to be invulnerable (inauthentic) is the best way to live life because it allows you to avoid pain.

He’s been putting up emotional armor as well as wanting physical and financial armor to make himself invulnerable.
(Michael’s analysis of Good Will Hunting - emotional armor)

What are the outward expressions of his emotional armor?
Caution about caring too much - if he loses someone he doesn’t want to feel the pain.
And, if they reject him, he won’t feel any pain.
Desire to maintain an intellectual and analytical point of view.
Repression of extreme emotions - fear of letting go.

Thanks Michael!