The Matrix


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I like the setup in The Matrix movies because they keep the timeline running in both virtual reality and in real life. I also like the ending of the original because it sets up a double-jeopardy with Neo being under attack in both worlds. The artifice of "if you die in the matrix then you die in real life" is necessary to create tension. It's an artifice that is used in many literary role playing game (LitRPG) novels as well.

For the Agents of DISRUPT novels, I wanted to approach the two worlds in a different way. I never can really buy in to the protagonist being at risk when I know they are actually sitting at home while in the game/matrix/virtual world. That's why I placed my main characters on actual flying jetbikes, and then placed a virtual overlay on top of the real world. They are always at risk in both worlds.

Anyway, The Matrix was a ground-breaking movie and one of my all-time favorites!