Tron and Tron Legacy


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Tron is an early movie version of a fully-realized cyberspace, made at a time (1982) when the effects had to be mostly analog rather than CGI. This is the movie that first piqued my interest in virtual reality. I watched it in the theatrical release back when there were still single-auditorium theaters. When it was over, we were required to leave the theater. So we bought another ticket and watched it again. Later, the novels Neuromancer and Snow Crash followed by the movie The Matrix also attracted my attention. There are other works of fiction/movies mixed in that timeline, but these are the works that stick out in my memory when it comes to my interest in fictional virtual reality. Bits and pieces of all of them are likely to be haunting my own writing.


Tron_Legacy_poster.jpgTron: Legacy is an extension of the story with the full benefit of current (2010) CGI techniques.